Monday, June 3, 2019
Prinsens Gate 4 A, Trondheim, Norway

ESMO celebrated its Final Workshop last afternoon, in Trondheim, organised as an activity around the EUNIS congress, celebrated this year on the same town. This brought the opportunity to assemble the group of experts, along key members of the project, to present and discuss the final results of the project. The session was divided in three blocks: The tehcnical outcomes regarding the ESMO Gateway and network capabilities, including design and technological breakthroughs achieved on the development, followed by the presentation of the actual service integration and deployment outcomes. Finally, the business analysis was presneted, including the cost-benefit and strategic assessments, bringing to the proposition of a set of recommendations for the invovled stakeholders, and the projected roadmap for the upcoming years. After a productive session, the attendants were invited to a dinner where they we able to informally depart about the presented results, and continue the discussions generated after each block of content.