UNIT (The Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education and Research manages), develops, maintains and operates student information and research information systems and services on behalf of Norwegian higher education sector and Norwegian research communities, such as national research institutes and health care institutions..

The main aim of the organisation is:

  1. Development and management of the common information systems for education and research in Norway.
  2. National student admission

Other objectives are:

  1. Operational management of the information systems;
  2. Ensuring the effective and correct student administration in the higher education sector in Norway, ensuring cohesion and common procedures in the student administration;
  3. Ensuring user involvement for the higher education institutions that are users of the systems developed and managed by UNIT;
  4. Ensure standardisation, effective administration and quality assurance of the procedures for student and research administration in the higher education institutions in Norway;
  5. Develop, prepare and deliver the necessary statistics and reports and contribute to dissemination of the results;
  6. Management and development of the national credentials database for the high school sector in Norway;

Unit employs student administrators and IT-professionals (ca.120 man-years).

p>The activities of UNIT include (among others):

  • Organizing national annual or semi-annual user forums for student administrators in the higher education sector in Norway;
  • Organizing task force groups for development of common applications for the research and student administration;
  • Organizing courses for users of the national information systems.